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Tree Pruning Anaheim CA – Do’s and Don’ts of Tree Pruning

Tree pruning in the fall is not only for personal aesthetic reasons but also for practical reasons. The trees that are left standing after the storms have ended are often the healthier ones with less branches that will grow back stronger than before. You will need to be cognizant of branch types and how they will behave when you’re tree pruning. Don’t be afraid to get rid of branches that are obviously diseased, sick or just out of place. Do this while the tree is still young so it has plenty of time to correct the problem.

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You may think you can’t do much with the dead and dying branches but there are countless things you can with your tree pruning. You may be surprised at the small amount of space that you need to prune a tree and the amount of difference it can make from year to year. A good example of this is how in the winter one year’s branches may be very weak and bare while the next year’s are sparser. The key is learning when and what kind of pruning work needs to be done. If you’re unsure of what to do, you should call a tree care professional who has the right tools and experience for tree pruning in Anaheim CA.


While there are many ways to prune your trees, the most important step is to determine what you want to achieve with your tree pruning. Do you want to remove excess growth, change the shape or structure of a tree or do you want to thin out some branches? Once you have a clear idea in mind of what you’re doing you can then move on to the actual pruning. There are two types of tree pruning, straight pruning and cross branches pruning. Here are some basics to know about each type before you dive in.


Tree pruning basically gets rid of branches and other parts of a tree that are not wanted such as thorns, dead branches or weeds. When doing this, it is important to keep in mind that you could damage your tree in the process. If you are unsure what you’re doing, it is a good idea to call a tree care expert who has the proper training and experience for tree pruning in Anaheim CA. They will know exactly how to get the job done without causing damage to your tree.


Thinning branches or pruning back growth is the process of removing strong, thick but unused branches so that the tree can grow in a healthier, straighter shape. It doesn’t mean that by trimming back you are eliminating all potential tree features. On the contrary, by doing this you are adding new and creative space to the tree so it can grow in a more natural and healthy way.


When you choose to thin your trees, you are doing so because you don’t want them to grow any thicker. However, if you allow a tree to grow too thick it will become more susceptible to problems. It will be harder for it to grow properly and catch hold of branches or other types of foliage. The best way to avoid this is by thinning your trees.


If you choose to prune your tree, you are doing it in order to correct what Pruning Chair Pals (PP) originally stated, “We must not prune the trees”. The main goal here is to improve and enhance the overall health of your tree in a safe and healthy way. This is accomplished by cutting away weak or unhealthy branches which could cause the tree to break under pressure.


Another thing you need to do to increase the health of your tree is to correct branch crossings. When branches from two different directions meet, there is a crossing that happens and the tree will grow cross ways. The best way to keep these crossing of branches out is by using pruning shears. You can purchase these shears at a local nursery and need to do the pruning yourself. It is important to do the correct type of wood work in order to get the best results from your tree pruning efforts.