Tree Diseases in Laguna Niguel Ca

Tree Diseases in Laguna Niguel Ca

The question that many people have when it comes to trees and diseases is, “Are there any contagious diseases that can be transmitted from a tree?” The short answer is yes. If a tree is diseased or has symptoms of a disease, that doesn’t mean you are going to get the disease from the tree, you are going to get it from something living in or near the area. The two things you should worry about are: where the tree is and how it is getting there.

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One of the most common tree diseases that can affect trees in Laguna Niguel Ca is called needle blight. As with many tree diseases, it is caused by a pestilence – a virus that destroys and upsets the balance of natural bacteria that live in and on your tree. Needle blight can be identified as it will typically start growing along a tree’s infected branch. As it grows, it will spread to other infected branches until eventually the whole tree is infected. As you might expect, needles of this tree disease shed and can become a problem for anyone who walks by and then touches them.


Some experts think that needle blight may be more prevalent in some parts of the world than others. When you see a cluster of these infected needle blight trees, don’t hesitate to clean them so they don’t spread any of the disease to other plants or people nearby. You may even want to clean them yourself. There are commercially available products that can help kill off the tree-killing virus and you might want to try one or two of them.


Other diseases are more serious and pose a serious threat to your Laguna Niguel Ca trees. One such tree disease is known as red spider mites. They are a tiny, red insect which lives in soil particles. They can infest your trees in the winter as well as during periods of high humidity. If you have a needle blight outbreak, you may find more than one red spider mite on your tree.


The adult female can lay hundreds of eggs which can hatch and infect your trees. Once hatched, the maggots emerge to start eating the tree’s bark, leaving large, brown “spiders” behind. You will probably not see this tree disease in its early stages because the damage is usually very subtle. It does not spread readily to other plants or to humans, but it is a dangerous disease and should be taken care of right away.


Black spot is another serious tree disease affecting the Laguna Niguel National Park. As it eats the bark of the tree, it also eats at the tree’s leaves, causing a yellowing of the leaves. In its later stages, this needle blight can eat through the bark of the tree. Its cause is believed to be a soil borne organism that is resistant to chlorine and different disinfection methods. This insect should be removed before a treatment can be applied to your trees.


There are many more diseases and bugs in the Laguna Niguel National Park. It is important to take precautions when you go hiking in the area. Wear a first aid kit and carry your raincoats. Bring insect repellant and change out of your rain shoes in case you come into contact with any of these diseases. The best way to avoid them is to plant a flower garden in your yard if you can, since these insects tend to like sugar. Other options for insect control include planting garlic over your plants or spraying your yard with pesticides to kill termites and carpenter ants.


Since tree diseases can be deadly to your trees and plants, it is important to prevent them from occurring. Do not cut down an infected tree. Do not leave dead or dying tree standing in your yard. If you are unsure about the presence of a particular disease, call your local county office for more information.