Tree Care Tips For San Clemente

Tree Care Tips For San Clemente

Continental Tree and Landscaping Company, located in beautiful San Clemente, California is devoted to providing the best organic lawn care in Southern California. The company was founded by the couple, Lee and Ellen Kiehne. They felt it was important to offer customers environmentally-friendly products, good customer service, and above all, a huge selection of high quality products. When asked about their philosophy, they responded, “We believe in treating people better than we do our trees. We want to make sure that every tree we do business with is as healthy as possible.”

Tree Service San Clemente

Since being founded, the company has expanded into a worldwide tree care empire. Their trees are planted and maintained in over 90 countries. The company ships its technicians around the world to ensure that each tree is in the best possible condition at the shortest turnaround time. In Orange County, we have many branches strategically placed throughout the San Diego area, Orange County, Los Angeles, San Jose, and Orange County overall.


There are three primary areas that Continental Tree and Landscaping take care of: house trees, landscape trees, and trees for the garden. The focus of the company is on providing beautiful outdoor living spaces, whether it’s a small apartment or a large sprawling lawn. The plants are expertly placed throughout the landscape to enhance any area, no matter what the design or size of the home. They offer services to suit your individual needs and tastes. The company is committed to keeping the environment clean and healthy, and to helping you improve the aesthetics of the surroundings.


Tree Care San Diego specializes in tree removal, tree pruning, stump removal, tree seedling care, tree removal, and other related services. All of the staff at Continental Tree cares about the environment and trees. They are constantly seeking ways to improve their knowledge and provide even more Eco-friendly services to the public. By using sustainable practices they not only help you save money, but help the environment by reducing your impact on the environment. They strive to reduce their environmental footprint.


In landscaping, the company will also strive to reduce your environmental footprint. Landscaping is an extensive process involving many levels of professionals such as landscape designers, builders, botanists, and other specialists. Landscaping does not just involve trees planted in your yard, but also trees planted in your landscape to enhance your property, add character and beauty and to prevent against erosion and improve water flow.


Landscaping is one way that you can beautify your yard, garden, and enhance the overall appearance of the landscape around your property. The trees and plants you will use will not only provide shade and beauty, but will also provide cooling shade during hot summer days. They will also provide wildlife habitat for birds and butterflies. Some landscapers may also plant flowers to attract bees and other insects to your yard.


Tree Health San Diego will help you choose the right trees to plant. They will discuss the benefits of planting certain trees versus others, and what types of trees are known for growing best in particular locations in your neighborhood. The experts will even help you figure out what type of tree will best fit your landscape and your budget. If you have a special design or color you want, the landscaper can discuss the possibility of planting certain trees.


Trees provide shelter, shade, and provide year-round work for your yard. Landscaping with trees and flowers is also beneficial for the environment. A healthy tree can also add beauty to a landscape. With proper care, most trees will outlive their owners. A San Diego tree care company is there when you need them. Tree health and tree care are important to everyone.