Tree Care in Mission Viejo

Tree Care in Mission Viejo, California

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Tree Service Mission Viejo

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So, what did we get? We got a beautiful large parcel of land with a gated entry on a hillside overlooking the ocean, with a small beach, with a private swimming pool. We also got a well designed, luxury beach house with hardwood floors and a deck, with screened in windows. The owner had purchased this home, after refurbishing the home exterior, which included brick fireplaces, raised planters, landscape materials and much more. He also added new fences, trees and a well-designed deck that overlook the water. The deck had wood-framed benches with umbrellas, a large sitting area, a fire pit with wood burning stoves, an attached soaking tub and a large terrace with an overlooking view of the ocean.


This property has four large bedrooms, all with their own bathrooms and two full size bathrooms that face the living room. The master bedroom has a fireplace, two sinks with stainless steel faucets, a large walk-in closet, a half shower and built-in fireplace. The second bedroom has its own bathroom with a walk-in closet and a full size bath. The third bedroom is a guest room that has a fireplace. The fourth bedroom, an add on, has a half shower and a small, fenced in outdoor deck. There are two fireplaces in each bedroom.


When looking for fence ideas, one should think about the security aspect as well as the look of the property. For our planned outdoor living space, we wanted something that was simple, yet attractive. That is why we went with natural stone. The stone walls along the fence are placed on a slope, providing both privacy and shade from the sun as we sit under the trees. The brick surround is six feet high at the doorway and six feet wide for the patio area.


We also looked at outdoor fence wood fence designs to give our outdoor area added protection from animals, especially deer. We chose redwood fences for the deer problems area. The large flat panels protect the deer from over-zealous pet owners while the recessed paneled panels provide greater privacy. The large flat panel fence has a large gate with a locking system and a chain through it that allow you to open the gate from the inside.


Our property has many different types of birds and pets that are drawn to the yard. This became very important when selecting the right outdoor bird house. We chose a bird bath that was built into the stone walls so the water flows into the bird bath and trickles down the side of the house into the soil below. This helps to contain the water in the system. The outdoor cats enjoy being outside.


With all of these plants, animals, and people coming to the area we decided it was necessary to invest in some tree care. The trees around our yard needed trimming. We’ve also planted bushes that are going to shed their leaves in the fall. These efforts are paying off as we have a lush green canopy over our lovely backyard.