Tree Care in Laguna Niguel California

Basic Tree Care in Laguna Niguel California

Do you know how to care for trees in Laguna Niguel, California? You have come to the right place. Whether you live in Laguna Beach or just a drive down the coast, you need to learn how to properly care for your trees. Laguna Niguel has many parks and other tree-savvy places to get trim work done in the winter months. But, in the summertime when everyone is out enjoying the weather and the beaches, there are a lot of trees that die or need trimming and attention. Here are some tips for getting the most out of your trees in Laguna Niguel.

Laguna Niguel Tree Service

Get Trimmed In The Summer. In the summer, if there are any trees in your yard, they are usually in the highest phase of growth. This means they need the most attention when they first arrive in your yard. Trimming them in the summer will ensure you get the most out of your investment during the season.


Get Pruned In The Summer. As the trees come into contact with the ground in the summer, they are especially susceptible to being damaged by wind, sun, and rain. The leaves can become cracked, torn, or broken. In addition, because they are not receiving as much protection from the elements as they are in the winter, there is a tendency for the needles to grow more densely.


Trim In The Winter. Even though the trees are dormant at the start of winter, there is still a lot you can do to protect them throughout the winter months. For starters, you can trim back branches and thin out shrubbery to give them more of a protective shield against wind and other forces that may damage them. In addition, you can place small pieces of foam on the ground beneath trees to create a barrier between the tree and the ground. All of these steps will help protect the roots and keep your tree healthy.


Tree Care In The Spring. In the spring, the threat of winter has abated, and your tree is just as healthy as it was before. However, there is one important factor you should pay attention to: watering. You should water your trees only when the soil has begun to dry out.


Trim Pruning In Summer. Fall is a great time to trim back your trees, but it is also when many tree diseases are most likely to attack. In order to prevent a disease from attacking your trees, you should trim back branches and thin out shrubbery on a regular basis during the summer.


Tree Care In Winter. This is perhaps the best time of all to take care of your trees! Even though it is cold out, the weather is milder. In addition, temperatures are usually far below what they are in the summer. Therefore, your trees are better protected from harsh weather conditions.


Landscaping. Landscaping can be extremely beneficial for your trees. It can help to improve their health and to give them more beauty. In Laguna Niguel, the landscape around your home plays an important role in protecting your trees. Therefore, you should plan your landscape layout as part of your plans for tree care in Laguna Niguel. Make sure that your trees are not going to be exposed to hardscapes such as driveways, fences, walls, etc.


Tree Care In Spring. Spring is the best season for tree care in Laguna Niguel. Full bud growth is encouraged, as this is the time when new shoots are coming out. During spring, you should water your trees regularly – about twice per week. In addition to that, you should prune your hedges in spring.


Winterizing. This is the process of protecting your trees from severe winter conditions. For instance, you can build a chipper and line it with pine needles and freeze all of your trees in the winter.


Tree Care In Summer. The summer is a good time for tree care in Laguna Niguel. The heat makes the soil damp. This makes it ideal for tree pruning. However, you should know that summer can also bring harmful conditions for your trees. You should immediately remove damaged or dead branches of a tree has fallen on a power line.