Tree Care 101

Tree Care 101 – How to Provide the Best Tree Care For Your Trees

Tree Health has been researched and written by Kerry Patterson, an award winning author with over twenty years experience of planting trees. Tree health is a huge subject in the environmental community today. Trees are a major element in the global climate change, global warming, and the many environmental diseases that are threatening our world today. Trees can be the power house of the community or they can be the obstruction to air and water. Trees are a part of our lives whether we realize it or not and they are a crucial part of protecting our environment.

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Trees are a major part of our ecosystem. Without trees there would be no plants to provide food, fuel and fiber. This can all be a huge problem in arid environments. Trees have helped keep us warmer during the winter months and cooled us in the hot summer months by providing shade. Trees have also provided food, shelter and clothing for wildlife over the years.


Trees not only create beauty, but their healthy environment is a benefit to the rest of us as well. The healthier a tree is the more oxygen it can provide. Healthy trees can actually increase property values. There are many benefits to be gained from having a healthy tree and we need to take that into consideration when planting them. Trees not only add beauty and elegance to a property but they can be a great natural source of heat and light.


Tree health can also benefit people with respiratory problems. Certain tree species will naturally clean the air of any odors and will improve respiratory health. Trees can even act as filters for your air conditioning system. Trees can be such a big benefit to allergy sufferers that many allergy sufferers will turn to tree planting as a solution to their allergy problems.


Trees can also be very useful in terms of being a place where we can go and meditate or have a quiet moment. They give us peace of mind and a place where we can relax. When you walk into a clearing or other forested area it gives you a wonderful sense of calm. This can help you reduce feelings of stress and tension. It is these health benefits that so many people are turning to in an effort to better the quality of their lives.


People also use trees for shade and protection. There are many different types of trees that are used to provide shade for homes and businesses. Shrubs, trees, and evergreens are all used for this purpose. Some homeowners might not think about the structural elements of trees when they decide which trees they want on their property. Tree health and maintenance play an important role in protecting these important resources.


A major factor with tree health is determining the type of tree you have. Each tree is unique in its needs and how it grows. If you don’t know the tree’s needs you can’t provide it with the right type of care and it could suffer from diseases or decay.


We all know trees can be expensive, but they can also be beneficial in the long run. We all need to pay for our daily expenses, but trees can offer some benefits as well. Your yard is your way of saying thank you. So take the time to check out your tree health and ask the experts if there are any other trees you should consider for your landscape. You’ll be glad you did!


Tree health can be affected by things like pests and disease. Sometimes trees will change in appearance, develop diseases, or start to wilt. If you notice anything unusual with your trees or a few sick ones nearby, you should get them checked out immediately. Don’t wait until they’re in danger because by then it may be too late. Trees that are suffering from disease or pests may require cutting them down or treating them with a natural pesticide.


We all want to provide the best tree care possible for our trees. We all want to be sure they’re strong and healthy. But we also realize trees can’t always look great, especially when they’re dying or falling. That’s why we all need to take a little extra care when we’re tree-sitting. We all want our trees to live a long and healthy life, but we also need to make sure we provide those nutrients and minerals they need to remain healthy.


So if you’re going to be tree sitting, follow the local guidelines about cutting trees, planting trees, and taking care of your trees. Don’t fall for all the shady advice some people may give. Tree health is more than just looking pretty; it’s about making sure the trees you’re choosing are actually going to work and be effective for the places they’re planted. Even though they may look beautiful from the ground, the actual condition of the trees can tell you a lot about what they can do. Plus, if you’re willing to invest a little bit of time, effort, and money into your trees, they’ll be able to produce the fruits and flowers you’re hoping for, and they’ll look even better when they’re fully-grown and established.