The Basics of Tree Pruning

The Basics of Tree Pruning

If you are a homeowner, then you should know how important is to have tree pruning done to ensure the healthy growth of the trees. But do you know that pruning your trees is also necessary to maintain its strength? If it is not given attention, it can lead to the death of a tree especially during winter time when its life span is shorter than usual. In this sense, it is very essential to have a basic understanding of how it should be done. Tree pruning in Orange County can be easily done at home and here are the steps for it.

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First thing first, you should identify where are the branches are currently located. Do you know how trees determine which branches to remove and which to keep? It’s by the growth. When the branches that are growing are thicker, it means that the tree’s life expectancy is longer. But if the branches are thin, it means that the tree could still bear more fruit but it’s not as durable. With this, you should take note of what kind of branches are currently present on your tree and what size are they.


The second step involves cutting down a certain portion of the branches. You may choose to do it by yourself or you may ask for help from an arborist. What you need to do is to calculate the area by dividing the total length of each branch by its width. This will tell you how much of the branch you need to cut. You may also want to consider pruning certain portions to give it a unique appeal that you can’t get from other trees in the garden.


The third step involves removing any abnormal branches that you find on the landscape. This is necessary because some of the branches that are growing faster than the others can cause accidents such as falling on your neighbor’s house. It will also give you a chance to improve your landscape by removing the branch that is straining the resources of the yard.


You may also want to consider trimming back the growth of the larger branches. For example, if you notice that two branches are becoming too thick in the landscape, you can trim it to make it a bit thinner. Doing this will improve the performance of the tree and will also improve the maintenance process since you don’t have to do maintenance every time you trim branches anymore. It helps you to maintain your landscape by removing the branches that are not doing too well and replacing it with more attractive branches. This will also help you save money since you won’t need to buy fertilizer and other materials anymore.


You can also apply some chemicals for tree pruning in Orange County. These chemicals are usually used to treat the soil or to kill some pests but you should only do it if you are qualified to use them. They may also be effective but there are some precautions that you should follow before you spray the chemicals on the tree. To know if you’re ready to use these chemicals, you should consult your local garden center so that they can tell you if it’s okay to use one of their products. You also need to know how the chemical would affect your trees in terms of color and texture.


There are some tree experts who say that the best tree pruning techniques are those that don’t involve the use of chemicals. These methods include trimming the branches without cutting it. Instead of cutting off the branches, you just have to pull it back so that the tree’s root structure will be exposed. Doing this will result to healthier growth and the tree will also be healthier. If you have a certain tree which needs pruning, it might be best to start with cutting off some of its branches and let it regrow on its own.


If you’re wondering what you should do after you’ve done tree pruning, the best thing to do is to water your tree regularly. You should also be very patient as it will take time for your tree to regain its health and you will need to be very careful when you’re working with it. Always make sure that you only prune branches that are growing towards the main trunk of the house, and you should never prune branches that are going to fall. These tips will help you in learning more about tree pruning in Orange County.