Shade Trees

Shade Trees

When you live in a place where the sun is out nearly all the time, you will need Shade Trees. They can help to save energy by providing shade from the hot summer sun. Shade Trees are beautiful landscaping features that will add value and character to your home. There are several things to know before you choose your Shade Tree.

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Shade trees are available in almost any size, shape or color as well as branches and foliage types. You will need to decide what type of Shade Tree you want and the specific location of it on your property. Different types of Shade Trees are better located in certain areas of a yard depending on the location of the sun.


The first thing you will need to decide is the area you want the Shade Tree to be located. This will determine how many trees you will need to have planted. Once you know the area, go outside and take a walk around the area. Make sure to note the direction and size of each tree and where they need to be placed.


The next thing you will need to do is decide if you want a regular shade or an accent tree. One way to help decide is by checking the directions for deciding the right angle for the tree to shade a specific area. You may need professional help in this decision. Professional tree removalists can give you good information on shade trees.


Shade trees come in a wide array of colors and styles. You can get artificial shades or real live ones. Some of the real live ones are actually grown in greenhouses and then replanted outdoors when the weather gets cold. This allows you to enjoy the shade in a safe manner without having to care for the plant. Many people prefer the shade trees as they do not need to be tended to as much and they offer a greater sense of privacy.


If you are looking for trees that you can grow yourself you may have a bit more work in front of you. If you live in a colder climate where snow and ice can make caring for your trees very difficult, you should consider purchasing a pre-planted shade tree. Pre planted trees are easier to care for and will last longer than an established tree would. They also offer a greater sense of privacy as you will not have neighbors peeking in on your gardening activities. Pre planted trees are a wonderful solution in the summer months when you need extra shade.


If you are looking for shade that will last a long time, you may be better off buying a shade tree that is already in place. This will allow you to have your shade tree for many years to come without the need of pruning or harvesting. It will be a good investment in your yard. You should check with local nursery stores or grow retailers to see what type of shade tree you would like to grow.


When growing shade be sure you plant it in an area where it will receive at least six hours of sunlight during the day and no less than eight hours of sunshine at night. If you are growing more than one tree together make sure you space them so that they do not compete for food and water. The roots will help to keep the tree healthy and strong for many years. You should expect your tree to produce flowers and fruit two or three times each year.