Shade Trees Rancho Santa Margarita

Shade Trees Rancho Santa Margarita

Shade Trees Rancho Santa Margarita, California is a popular gardening area in Southern California. The climate and geography of this area make it an ideal location for many types of shade-loving trees. You can find trees that will grow to be majestic old grown, or you can find trees that are in excellent condition and need little or no maintenance at all. The climate is so agreeable year round that it is even considered to be a “green” state, which is a relief to many people who are becoming more concerned about the amount of energy they’re using in their daily lives.

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Shade trees are usually planted to provide shade for a specific area, such as a lawn or garden. A lawn can become very mired in sun during the summer months, so planting shade trees in strategic areas would keep them out of harm’s way. Shade loving trees may also be planted around a swimming pool to give the area more cover from the sun. This not only helps to keep the grass green and well kept, but it also makes the pool much safer for swimmers to use. Shade loving plants and trees will do a wonderful job of lowering the number of UV rays that reach the water, which is excellent for both plants and humans.


Shade tolerant plants and trees do require a certain amount of special attention. Most will tolerate some shade, but some will actually prefer it. You can find recommendations in books or on the Internet if unsure of how to care for your new shade trees. Just remember to water only when the soil seems dry, and to fertilize as needed throughout the growing season. It is not a good idea to over-fertilize, as this can make the plant too tall and sparse, and it could damage the root system.


The primary concern for shade-loving trees is sun exposure. They must always be placed under an obstruction of some sort, such as a roof or fence, to have adequate protection. Otherwise they will quickly burn and die. A roof overhangs the shape of the trunk, while a fence or some other structure can completely block sunlight.


When you are choosing your shade trees, you have a few different choices available. One popular type is the hybrid tea, which is a relatively recent development in the country. A few hybrid trees have become quite common in Santa Margarita gardens. These are typically double trunked, with two types of leaves, each with two distinct uses. The lower pair of leaves can be used to shield the lower part of the plant from the sun, or they can be used to produce flowers. The upper canopy, which produces the showy flowers, is left unshaded.


Other shade tolerant plants include black-eyed susans, which are trained into long columns; and ramblers, which grow to be very tall and thin. Both of these plants are trained into dense stands and both of them do quite well in that kind of climate. For shade tolerant gardeners in the summer, cacti are an excellent choice. Longer than most other shade tolerant plants, cacti tolerate full to almost full shade.


If you are planning on planting shade trees outside, you should take some precautions. Make sure that your chosen trees are capable of coping with the climate in your area. Ask the store where you purchased them if they specialize in that. If you live in a very hot area, you should avoid planting the taller, bulkier varieties outside. Choose shorter, more flexible specimens for areas where temperatures are milder.


In warmer climates, you might consider planting desert species, such as cacti. Desert shrubs and plants are great shade tolerant, because they do not require much water to survive in full shade. They are also naturally weed resistant, which will help you in keeping them away from weed seeds that might destroy your flowerbed and your garden.