Shade Trees For Huntington Beach, California

Shade Trees For Huntington Beach, California

Shade trees are beautiful plants that can be planted in the back yard and throughout your landscape for many reasons. Shade trees will allow you to have a cool shady area where you can sit and relax under a large variety of trees. Shade tolerant plants will prevent the hot sun from burning your skin on those long hot summer days. A shade lot is a place where you can sit and enjoy a cup of tea or a cool soda without worrying about getting burned from the sun. In addition to shading, shade trees can add beauty to your landscape and add value to your home if you plant them properly.

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There are two main types of shade trees available to you, those that come in ground cover and those that grow on the tops of shrubs. You will need to choose which type of shade tree you would like based on where you want to plant them. Once you know where you would like to plant them, you can start to look at the plants that will best fit there.


Shade tolerant plants should be chosen. These are plants that will not change or grow much during the year. They do well in full sun but prefer partially shade instead. Some plants prefer full sunlight, while other plants do not. The type of shade trees you choose will depend upon where you live.


Full-sun shade tolerant plants will do quite well in most climates. Some shade trees come with a show, such as the California Poppies, or they can come bare-root if you are wanting a natural look. Bare-root shade trees come with many desirable characteristics, including their hardness and tolerance of dry soil. Some varieties of bare-root shade trees come with attractive flowers. The amount of shade needed will often determine which types of trees you may have to choose from.


Choices of shade trees also include fruit trees and berry trees. There is a huge variety available, with most shade tolerant types doing quite well in full sun. Some shade trees are ornamental, such as the Hawthorn, while others are simply used for shade and privacy. The size of the shade tree you choose is entirely up to you.


Shade tolerant plants are easy to grow and maintain. They will tolerate dry soil, but you will want to supplement with compost to help them deal with desert conditions. If you do not have a shade lot, consider container gardens, shade loving shrubs, or even trees. They all will do well in shaded areas. Some shade trees are ornamental, while most others do not add anything to the yard at all.


There are many places on the web where you can find shade tolerant plants. Spend a few minutes on the internet visiting some of the local sites and you will find lots of options. There are quite a few different types of shade trees available, so take your time in deciding what you want. Most gardeners have found that if they plant shade-tolerant plants along with their other flowers and shrubs, they get a much better return on their efforts than they would have with a different choice of landscaping.


One of the biggest benefits of planting a shade tolerant tree is that they will take much less care than other species. They will not need to be sprayed with insecticides like some of their other neighbors, and they can handle a drought quite well. Take the time to find out what kind of shade your area has and what you can plant to make the most of it. A good landscape company will know which plants will do best in your climate zone, so you can rest assured knowing that shade tree will thrive in your yard. If you take the time and care to find out what species will work best in your area, you will end up with a gorgeous yard with little maintenance.