How to Do Tree Pruning Correctly

How to Do Tree Pruning Correctly

Tree pruning is an important part of maintaining your trees health. The healthier you have your trees – the better your entire landscape will look. This is because a healthy tree will provide more shading and less noise. A good landscape that is free of branches and twigs is aesthetically pleasing as well as functional – and anyone who has ever had trees in their yard has seen how problematic they can be.

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The key to tree pruning is to remove the dead, weak or damaged branches and replace them with healthy ones. The branches on your tree are actually attached to the tree and grow from it – so when you prune them they get cut back. You will need to know the branch patterns for different kinds of trees and branches. You should also know how much space you have available for tree pruning.


One of the most important things to remember about tree pruning is to only cut away what you need to. If you clip too much branch, it could cause your tree to be more susceptible to damage from wind, cold and rain, or damage from pests. This means that you may have to do it again soon. In some cases you should wait until other parts of the tree have grown and have more branches to help with handling the tree’s weight.


In order to determine what you need to do you will first need to learn where each of the branches are – and this means you may need to do a little bit of research. Get familiar with your tree and branch pattern as this will make it easier when trimming. You can identify the branch pattern in the top of a book, or by making use of a graph. If you can see your tree in a picture then you have a better chance of knowing exactly which parts of the tree need to be cut off.


After you have identified the parts of your tree you will be trimming you will need to do so without applying any pressure to the branches or even the trunk of the tree. Just move your hands over the tree and gently pull the branches towards yourself, but be careful to not pull them down too far. When you are cutting large branches, it can be easier to get them to bend around your tree pruning shears. For small branches use your hands to push them towards yourself and don’t pull them down. Do this for all of the branches on your tree and keep doing this until all of the branches are free of wood.


After the tree has been trimmed, it is time to cut back. If you have many small branches you may want to make sure you cut them all back to even out the thickness. Otherwise, you could get your tree to grow up too high and look untidy. Once you have cut back all of the branches and trimmed back all of the wood on your tree, it is time to put your tree cover in. This will help protect your tree while you are not using it.


Tree pruning should not take more than a week of time if you do it right. If you are not confident in your abilities then take it out during your weekly time out. When you cut your tree you will also be protecting it from bad weather. If you think your tree needs more work than this it may need professional tree care.


Remember that tree pruning should only be done when the tree is healthy and is in shape. It is better to prune your tree at a younger age when the tree is still growing strong. If you prune your tree too early, it can actually cause the tree to become sickly and may eventually die. So be sure to only prune your tree when necessary and have it professionally done.