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When it comes to great beach vacations, no other place beats the wonderful sandy beaches of Hermosa Beach, CA. The famous City of Palms sits on the beautiful Pacific Ocean and is located in Los Angeles County. This city was originally developed around the turn of the century. Its original population was just over 19,000 at the last U.S. Census, so it’s only recently that this city has become a tourist hotspot.

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The City of Palms is made up of three main areas; Ocean Front, La Palma and Encino. The La Palma Beach area is the most popular area, with a large number of homes being built here. There are also numerous restaurants and clubs that cater to the beach crowd, and it is considered the most affluent area of the entire city. There are plenty of entertainment and fun activities for visitors to enjoy. The City of La Palma Beach was established as a residential suburb in the late nineteen fifties. The majority of homes are built on a beautiful stretch of beach.


The other two main areas, Ocean Front homes and Encino are also made up of residential communities. The houses are all made out of wood or brick, and each of them has a lovely view of the ocean. Some of these areas are very small and have only twenty or thirty houses, but others are large enough to accommodate a variety of families. There are many restaurants, shops and clubs within these communities. There are also restaurants that serve only seafood, because the City of La Palma Beach is primarily located by the Pacific Ocean. It’s no wonder that the people who live in this area love to vacation on their own beaches.