Hermosa Beach Landmarks

Located just north of Orange County, California, in the San Gabriel Mountains, Hermosa Beach California is an iconic beach community in Southern California. Its population numbers 19,000 at the last count. The city is situated in the South Bay area of the greater Los Angeles area; in fact, it’s one of only two Beach Cities to feature in the “Beverly Hills” area. Other than the luxury hotels, it also boasts some of the best restaurants, shopping centers, and outdoor activities to be found anywhere in California. The beaches are a huge draw, with thousands of visitors taking a dip each year. The great weather, convenient transportation, and affordable real estate make this an ideal place for any type of real estate investor.

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Of course, it wouldn’t be a neighborhood like this without famous landmarks and other things to see. There’s Santa Barbara, which is home to the beautiful Sea Life Park. If you don’t happen to own your own home, you’ll still have plenty to see in the area, as there are numerous other public parks located in the surrounding area. There’s also Catalina Island, where many tourists visit during their stay. There are also some golf courses on Catalina, but of course, those can only be played during peak seasons. Overall, these are two of the best spots to be in, and the tourist trade can’t be beaten.


Real estate in Southern California is very attractive, and with a little research and planning, you can find a good deal on property. Of course, it helps to know what type of real estate you’re looking to invest in, so that you can be sure you’re choosing a good investment opportunity. There are so many different types of property available in this region, and you can find them in almost every neighborhood you can imagine. If you’re looking for condos, houses, or even commercial buildings, this is the place for you. It’s a place that’s easy to find great real estate, and it’s close enough to reach the great attractions that it offers.