Hermosa Beach Festivals

Hermosa Beach California is a coastal residential, seaside community in Southern California. It is located in the central part of Orange County between downtown Los Angeles and San Diego. Its closest major city is Long Beach. The city is west of downtown Los Angeles and rests along the beautiful Santa Barbara coast. From this article, you will discover some of the great festivals and events that occur in this part of California. I have researched and interviewed local people about their favorite festivals, so take a look and find out what they enjoy attending. This will be a great reference as you plan your next holiday visit to Hermosa Beach California.

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The biggest event that takes place in the area is Harley Davidson Day. On this day, you can find plenty of places to go to experience Harley Davidson rides and displays. Also, you can go to various events including concerts, lectures, and a number of other activities. You can also shop at various shops and boutiques.


If you do not have any plans to attend one of the many Harley Davidson events or performances, you can still participate in the festivities. One of the best ways to do so is to attend the local festivals. Each day, these festivals are held to entertain everyone who attends. There is also a large number of food and drink vendors around town. With the wide variety of food offerings, there is sure to be something for every taste in town.