Hermosa Beach City Government

The city of Hermosa Beach California is an upscale seaside resort community located on the San Diego-Hermosa Beach Joint Powers Authority. The city has grown to become a very desirable place to live. There are some of the best restaurants, luxury hotels, and other high-end housing opportunities in Southern California. Its population is now 19,506 according to the last U.S. Census; the population continues to grow each year. The area is located within the greater Los Angeles region; it’s one of the largest Beach Cities in Southern California. Although the city is primarily centered around the Southern California coast, there are also a number of communities situated inland.

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The City of Hermosa is located along the Pacific Ocean, between San Diego and Oceanside, along the San Gabriel and Palos Verdes Rivers. The city has many parks and recreational areas that serve the general public. The City is divided into four districts, each with its own parks and recreational centers. Some of the popular areas to live are the City Center, the downtown area, the Harbor Island, and the Oceanfront. The City Center is home to the City Museum, a great place for the tourist and the local population. It is the central gathering point of the area, and is a great place for locals and tourists alike.


The Harbor Island is a wonderful beach and is a popular attraction for people who come to the City of Hermosa Beach California. There are two main neighborhoods: the Westshore and the Pacific Beach. The Westshore is the southern section of the City of Hermosa Beach, and is home to the Downtown Westside, where many of the upscale stores and businesses are located. The Pacific Beach is the northern section of the City, and is home to a great number of restaurants, local stores, and other high-quality housing options.