Benefits of Tree Planting

The Benefits of Tree Planting

The importance of tree health cannot be overstated in relation to the well-being of your entire garden. Healthy trees can literally transform a dull landscape into a spectacular showpiece in the evening. They add beauty, shade and functionality to your garden landscape. Trees are also very important for your personal health and can reduce your risk of heart disease, reduce your risk of cancer and also decrease your risk of having to live alone. The following are just a few reasons why you should care about your trees and have a tree health garden.

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Trees that have been left leaning or growing through the branches on your garden can become hazards. Falls from higher branches could result in serious bodily injury. A falling tree could knock down power lines or fencing and also potentially damage your home. By planting more trees you will prevent this tragic outcome from happening to your home or property. By using minimal pesticides on your trees you are reducing your exposure to these dangerous chemicals which in turn will reduce your risk of having to make an insurance claim as a result of someone being injured by your tree.


By planting more trees you are improving the overall health of your garden. Healthy trees will attract bees and other insects, which will in turn improve the growth of your garden. The presence of birds and other wildlife is also a natural way of enhancing the tree health of your landscape. The presence of these natural critters will create a habitat for beneficial insect species, which will increase your tree biodiversity and improve your overall garden and landscape health.


Tree planting will also provide you with a sense of pride in your yard and garden. Having a tree planted in your yard provides a sense of gardening achievement. When you walk into a tree thick with pine needles, you will feel like you are back in the middle of a forest. Tree planting also gives you the opportunity to sit underneath your tree and enjoy watching the tree start to grow before your eyes.


There are many benefits to tree planting and the first benefit is the ability to improve soil fertility. Healthy trees will need rich soil to prosper and thrive. Healthy trees will also be well balanced nutrients in their leaves and branches to avoid nutrient deficiencies in the soil. If your soil is not nutrient rich you tree planting will have a negative effect on your plants and trees. Therefore it is essential that you create an environment that is conducive to healthy tree growth.


Tree planting will improve soil drainage as well as improving your soil’s capacity to hold water. This will allow you to use less water and fertilizers which are vital to tree health. A properly balanced soil will also help to protect against erosion. In addition to improving soil fertility, your trees will grow deeper and thicker, providing better protection from harsh weather conditions such as heavy rainfall and strong winds. Finally, if you create a healthy environment for your trees you will be less likely to have to implement tree removal.


Trees will filter UV radiation from the sun to prevent sun damage. Healthy trees will have healthy leaves and branches that filter UV radiation before passing it onto the soil. Healthy trees will be able to absorb a large amount of CO2, which is one of the leading causes of global warming. Tree planting will help to offset much of this greenhouse gas. The dense, healthy soil in which your trees grow will soak up CO2 and emit it as oxygen, further purifying the air.


Finally, tree planting will beautify your landscape. Trees are beautiful and provide a focal point for any landscape. Planting your own tree adds a sense of pride and accomplishment. It improves your property’s resale value and improves your community’s quality of life. These are just some of the reasons why planting trees can be beneficial to your community. If you haven’t planted a tree for years, now is the time to plant one for the benefits that will last a lifetime.