Shade Trees That Will Add Color to Your Yard

Shade Trees That Will Add Color to Your Yard

Shade trees are a great asset to your landscape. They provide shading and protection to the underbelly of your home from the sun’s rays, which can be a welcome relief to those who suffer from chronic back pain or have just undergone some type of medical procedure that requires them to rest for a few days from work. Shade Trees California comes in a variety of sizes and can be found almost anywhere. From the large majestic shade trees that can be found in parks, lawns and other public areas to small shrubbery that will provide a lush green environment to those who just need something small enough to grow on their own, Shade Trees is readily available. There are a few tips that you should keep in mind if you decide to plant a Shade Tree in your yard.

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If you want to plant shade trees in your yard you need to determine what sort of climate and soil conditions you have in your area. You will also need to choose between different varieties, as well as types of tree types that can thrive where you live. The climate, soil, and sunlight needs of your tree will play a crucial role in how it grows. Choosing the wrong tree or shrub could result in wasting your money, time, and efforts on a shade that won’t do you much good.


Shade trees range widely, from those that can be found in most large forests to those that are more suited to the landscaping needs of someone living in a sunny region. One such type is the Dogwood shade tree. It comes in a deciduous wood and has a medium size blooming tree that can easily grow up to 30 feet tall. It prefers mostly coastal climates, so the bark of the tree is soft and leathery and the branches are bushy. In the spring the tree flowers and provides a wonderful show for your yard. The Dogwood tree can often be seen throughout the southern states of the United States.


The Shade Cotton Tree is another type of shade-tolerant tree. This tree comes in a deciduous wood with a medium size blooming tree that can grow up to 25 feet tall. The leaves are needlelike and the tree features gray bark which is also hard and leathery. It prefers well drained conditions and doesn’t do well in dry, hot areas. You will find the shade cotton tree growing in southern states like Texas and Louisiana.


Shade Beech Tree-The Beech tree blooms in the late summer or early fall and has a lovely evergreen appearance. It is also known as the Blue Willow because of its blue-green foliage. These shade-tolerant trees do well in areas of intense sunlight, but they need plenty of exposure to get their beautiful, colorful blooms. The Beech tree does best in southern states, especially Texas and Oklahoma.


The Shade Mandarin Tree-The Mandarin is another shade tolerant tree with evergreen foliage. It comes in a deciduous wood with shades of green and white. These trees are very popular in Florida, and you will often see them displayed in the landscaping at the dog park.


The Shasta Cypress is one of the best shade trees and is great for shade tolerant areas. It is a drought tolerant tree that can tolerate some shade. The tree prefers sandy and rocky soils and well drained conditions. The Shasta cypress can grow up to thirty feet and has a classic trunk that is between three and five feet wide. The cypress tends to grow in full sun and does not do well in shady areas.


There are many more types of shade trees available. If you are a landscaper or simply enjoy planting trees, it is important to learn what types of shade they will bring. Choosing the right shade tree can add beauty, color and practicality to your yard. Check out the internet and search for shade trees that will suit your area.