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Tree Service

When you need tree service in Orange County, we hope that you’ll call us at 3D Tree Service LLC. If you have a healthy tree that needs to be cared for, we have specialists that are experts at tree cutting and tree trimming. What if you have an old tree that needs to be removed?

Tree Removal

No problem, we are experts at tree removal. In fact, we also have extensive experience with stump grinding, so after we remove your old tree we can get rid of that unsightly tree stump.

Tree Trimming

Or, if you had a tree removed in the past and are tired of looking at a tree stump that’s been an eyesore for far too long, we’d be happy to remove it for you

Residential Tree Service


Residential Tree Service

We’ve been in business for over two decades, and in that time we’ve developed a reputation for excellence that none of our competitors can match. If you need to have a tree removed or trimmed then 3D Tree Service LLC should be the first call that you make.

Orange  Tree Service

What areas do we serve? We proudly serve a large area in Southern California other nearby areas. While we do have a huge service area, we’re still proud to offer the same personal service that we’ve been proud of from our first day in business.

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  1. Removal of leaves and debri
  2. The emptying of skimmer baskets, pool pump basket, and automatic pool cleaner debris bags
  3. Comprehensive brushing of the tiles and vinyl around the entire pool
  4. Pool vacuuming
  5. Equipment inspection 
  6. Chemical stabilization for optimum performance
  7. Overall maintenance of pool and its vicinity to not make it look “old” even after years of use.

Orange County Service

We’re A Local, Family-Owned Company

We’re A Local, Family-Owned Company

Have you ever done business with a huge corporate-backed company? It’s quite impersonal, isn’t it? Huge companies lack the personal touch that smaller, family-owned companies have. We understand that the key to our success and our future growth is by providing our customers with the best service possible, which is what we do. Every time we send someone out to work on a job they do so with the understanding that the customer they are servicing deserves nothing but their best. 


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If you aren’t thrilled with their work, then they’ve failed you, and that’s never acceptable. When we work on a tree at your home we understand that we shouldn’t be disruptive. We’ll get to work when it’s convenient for you, and when we’re done we’ll clean up the area so well that you’ll never know that we were there.

Most Experienced in Area

Have you ever seen what’s involved when a large tree is cut down? Large trees are extremely heavy, and if they are not carefully controlled when being brought down, they can cause a lot of damage. What happens if your tree gets dropped on your house or your car? Or, if it gets dropped on your neighbor’s house or car? Or, worse yet, what if it lands on a person?

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 When you hire a person or a company that doesn’t have the experience to safely cut down a tree, then you’re asking for trouble. What makes us a company that you can trust? How about our 21 plus years in the business? We’ve seen and done it all when it comes to tree trimming and removal, and we’d be happy to put all of that experience to work for you.

Most Experienced in Area

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